15 Day Victory and a Video

My strive to do a 30 Day Clean Living Challenge coincided with several catering gigs, and our family moving into a new house.   I grossly underestimated (again) the impact of moving, even if it was only two miles away.  Having to pack everything you own, haul it into a truck, drive two miles, haul it out of a truck, and unpack is a HUGE undertaking.  It’s probably not the best time to endure an intensive eating, exercise, and clean living discipline challenge while planning to blog about it.  I’ve never lacked ambition or drive.  The limited amount of hours in a day, and the human requirement for sleep seem to be my biggest obstacles in life.

So I did not complete my 30 Day Challenge.  In my strive for personal development, I have learned not to beat myself up. Take what you’ve learned and keep moving forward.  I did complete 15 days of the challenge.  I did lose weight.  I did stay consistent with strict clean eating and exercise for the most part.  There were times during the move and the transition when we had to go out to eat, and I felt the need to have a beer (or two).  I consider it a victory, and I am happy I was able to stay as disciplined as I did throughout.  My discipline and my progress continues.

Here’s the good news…we love our new house! Here’s more exciting news…my website is launching a new look.  Hopefully, next week! There will be printable recipes, weekly entrees that you will be able to order straight from the site, and other cool stuff, too. To kick off this transformation, I am posting my first Chef Katie Video with a very cool clean eating tip.  Enjoy!

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