Monthly Archives: August 2014

Bittersweet End of Summer


The end of summer is always bittersweet.  The cool air in the evening, and crisp mornings that faintly smell like burning wood, always bring on excitement for back to school and football.  Saying goodbye to summer is always difficult, however.  I will miss not having to get the kids up at six am, camping and beach trips, extended time outdoors, grilling, and of course, all the summer produce.  Tomatoes, I will miss you most of all.  


The Fiore family had an amazing summer.  I feel as though the kids have gotten independent enough to really do some fun stuff.


We had trips to the grandparents house, a long weekend at a beautiful mountain lake with cousins, tons of swimming, canoeing, mountain biking,  whitewater rafting, and an amazing week at the beach which has become our favorite week of the whole year.


Of course, we cooked up some great food.  My favorite being a fresh caught whole grouper that Kirk grilled to perfection.



Change in the season also brings some change for me.  Some work changes…I have closed the cafe, and I am going to be focusing on being a personal chef.  I love cooking clean and healthy food for people.  It is so gratifying to cook delicious food for clients while helping them lose weight or stay on a restricted diet.  I am also going to be working part time as a pastry chef.  I know it is shocking – but I really enjoy baking and making desserts.

This blog is also going through a change.  Apparently, there’s another “skinny chef” out there that owns the trademark.  Please look to re-follow me at either “Chef Katie Cooks,”   or “Chef Katie Cooks Clean.”

Lastly, we met some great new friends at the beach.  Sadly, they must have gotten our phone number down wrong.  We would love to get together sometime.  N. and D. if you are out there, please find us!