Greek Yogurt – An Easy Breakfast

20130430_080407I love nonfat greek yogurt.  It’s packed with protein and calcium.  It is great for cooking.  You can throw a bit in curries and braises and it provides a creamy texture and a nice tart flavor.  I eat it for breakfast and it stays with me well into snack time. Fage, Oikos, and Chobani are fabulous, but they hurt my weekly grocery budget.  Living in Vermont for ten years, I’ve come to trust the Cabot brand.  They are part of a northeast dairy cooperative, and help to get dairy farmers the prices they deserve while expecting ethical and sustainable farming practices. I buy about two quarts a week, and the Cabot Greek is a lot cheaper than the brands listed above.


Try some for an easy breakfast:

1/2 cup 2% lowfat or nonfat greek yogurt (90 or 70 calories)

1/2 cup frozen blueberries (30 calories)

1 cup cheerios, puffed rice, or low calorie cereal of your choice (100 or 60 calories)

Toal Calories = between 160-220

Try it for breakfast.  The protein helps to keep you content throughout the morning!

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